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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cloze Activities in Moodle

I am not a fan of quizzes etc on Moodle - they just take far too long to set up!! However, there is a lot of demand for quizzes from some members of my department. So, I decided I had better get more competent at doing them.

One way that I really found useful was to use Question Machine:

This has made life a lot easier, but one of my colleagues has had issues with using it to make Cloze Activities.

So, how can we make some nice Cloze Activites? This video explains it very clearly:

I am playing with it now, and the syntax is very fussy but it seems to be successful!

Numerical Answer

{1:NUMERICAL:=6} 1 marks, answer = 6
{2:NUMERICAL:=40:5} 2 marks, answer = 40 with a tolerance of +/-5

Typed Answer

{1:SHORTANSWER=centrifuge} 1 mark, answer = centrifuge

Selected Response

{2:MULTICHOICE=flour~sugar~salt} 2 marks, correct answer = flour, other provided options = salt and sugar

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