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My name is Matt Nicoll and I am a high school teacher in New Zealand, interested in improving the classroom experience for my students. I am open to trialing new approaches and hope to use this blog to reflect on my ideas and practices.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Radio Debut!

My last post was about an #edchatNZ regarding innovation in assessment. Shortly afterwards, Danielle asked me to be available bright and early on the Sunday morning for a radio interview via BAM! Radio Network about the chat.

We had a great discussion about the chat and the innovation I am doing with a colleague at my school with Year 11 Science and assessing it using NCEA Achievement Standards based upon the Nature of Science and students' passions.

The team at BAM! Radio did a wonderful job of editing it, making me sound almost intelligent and articulate! Danielle has since done another one with Mel Moore, showing her talent at asking good questions and leading interesting discussion. Personally, I was delighted this was done, as I missed that particular #edchatNZ chat due to other commitments.