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My name is Matt Nicoll and I am a high school teacher in New Zealand, interested in improving the classroom experience for my students. I am open to trialing new approaches and hope to use this blog to reflect on my ideas and practices.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Recording My Teaching

At ULearn12, Kevin Honeycutt inspired me to get the students to film the "teaching" part of my lessons. Students who miss lessons (or just miss the point!!) can revisit and rewind these moments. They may even share these aspects of their lessons with other students.
I am going to trial this with my Year 9 Science class in Term Four. It will be interesting to see:

  1. How well the students respond to having to film me.
  2. How often the students view the filmed "lessons".
  3. If students from other classes/schools view the "lessons".
  4. The feedback/responses to the "lessons".
My current plan is to get a different student (or small group) to be responsible for filming the teaching moments of each lesson and to update the class blog each day. What I am unsure of at this stage is whether to upload the video footage myself (so I have some level of control) or whether to trust this to my students.


  1. Can't wait to learn from you more!

  2. Ok, so I couldn't resist trying it out with my lovely Year 12 Chemistry class too:
    So far, a couple of things have come up:
    1. It is going to take time to upload these if I am going to do them for EVERY lesson.
    2. I need to find a way to merge the video 'bites' into one presentation.
    I think the easiest way to overcome these issues is to leave the editing/posting etc to my students; they are more savvy than me and I can make it their 'homework' task, instead of the homework the rest of the class are doing that night.

  3. Update: I am having my teaching recorded with all of my classes now. After some teething issues, it is going well. The students who miss lessons are watching the videos and I am getting good support from others in the educational sector.